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Subscribe to our Newsletter! The females are equipped with spiny, penis-like genitalia called gynosomes, which they use to penetrate the male; then, the insects get it on for up to 70 hours as the male transfers sperm and nutrients to the female. Two major factors in sperm size include the literal length and size of the female reproductive tract and how many mating partners the females have. Small, malformed—many have multiple heads or are shaped oddly—and deficient in the mitochondria that most mammal sperm rely on for energy, just 15 percent, max, of the naked mole rat's sperm can swim; only 1 percent can move quickly. When males get a little too violent, queens from some species will give off chemicals to calm everyone down. Too many spermatozoa will eventually start working against each other. But he's chasing tail up until the end:

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Between 30 and 50 percent of them will live to produce two litters. By that time, females are, not surprisingly, avoiding them.

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These bees have an internal penis—a. That is just the start of the story when it comes to bee sex. It's because primate mating practices are a huge factor in the evolution of the males' genitalia. You'd never know it by looking at them, but male gorillas have surprisingly tiny penises: But unfortunately that's not what happens. The Antechinus is a mouse-like marsupial that eats insects, nests in trees, and has so much sex that it literally dies.

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